Saturday, November 17, 2018

Amazon Black Friday Sale

Shopping on Amazon this year for Christmas?
If you use my affiliate link on the sidebar to the right I will get a small commission.
This helps me to continue to make video's and post new items on the blog.

Something I'm recommending for kids this year.

Do you have kids?
If you do I highly recommend these 

Worth every penny!

They are currently on sale for $149.98 for 2 tablets.
One for your house and one for grandma's if you don't have 2 children.

Only need one?
You can also get that at a great price.

Both my girls have one and they have been worth every penny.
They have been stepped on, thrown across the room and slammed on the floor.
Not always by the girls...

But even if they did break Amazon will replace them for 2 years because they are the Kids Edition.

We have never had to replace ours and believe me they have been through the wringer.

They also come with a free year of Amazon Free Time.
(an $83 value for each tablet)
What's Free Time you ask?
It's kid age-appropriate games, books and videos.
It's kind of like getting the tablet for next to nothing or free.

You can choose Pink, Blue or Yellow for the case.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

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