Friday, June 1, 2018

Watercolor - Daniel Smith Essential Set - Swatch Card

Hey there.
I picked up a set of an 
Essential Set of Daniel Smith watercolors.

This package comes with 6 5ml/.17 fl oz tubes
Hansa Yellow Light
New Gamboge
Quinacridone Rose
Pyrrol Scarlet
Phthalo Blue 
(still, have to look up every time to pronounce it)
French Ultramarine 

Heather's Hobbie Haven - Daniel Smith Water Color Swatch Card - Essential Set

I've had a bunch of YouTuber say these are really good.
So I thought I would give them a try.

I like to know what the colors look like.
So I thought I would start with a simple swatch card.
Mixing each color with one of the other colors.

Left to right I added a small dot of each color and a drop of water.
Top to bottom I add one small dot of the top color with two small dots of the down row color along with one drop of water.

This will give me a place to start.

I did a video of the process of making the swatch card.
Watch below or in HD over on YouTube.

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This doesn't show me all the possibilities but it's a place to start.

I might do another card showing 2-3 colors mixed just to see the results.
I'm open to the idea.
Let me know what you think and if you are thinking of joining me in my watercolor adventure.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I really appreciate you shopping with me!

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Txkickerbelle said...

Hi Heather, I have those Daniel Smith paints. I bought mine when I took a watercolor class that was taught by Sandy Allnock. I am not a good mixer of colors! I was able to score a nice pallet of Magellan's from Amazon (with the pallet) for a really good price about 2 years ago and I really love using them. So, when I attempt to watercolor, those are my go to watercolors. I also like using the full set of Gansai Kuretake watercolors. They are really nice and creamy to use.

Your swatch card looks so much better than my 99 messed up ones ever did when I tried to making them with my Daniel Smiths! I spent hours and hours and hours trying to work on mixing, using not much water, a little more water, a little paint here or there, etc. Tried every day for several weeks and just couldn't get the hang of it, so I gave up. I know color theory and color wheels, and all of that from all of my college art classes, I just can't seem to mix water colors! I will just buy the colors in their pretty little tubes, it is much easier! :-)