Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Colored Pencil Tuesday - Hoola Twila

I thought I would try doing a person this time.
I definitely need more practice.
I'm my worst critic.

I'm going to keep a swatch book with the colored images 
along with the colors I used so I can go back and use the colors I like the most
on new projects.

Heather's Hobbie Haven - Colored Pencil Tuesday - Twila

The image is from the

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Skin: PC1080, PC997, PC927
Cheeks/Inside Mouth: PC929
Tongue: PC926
Eyes: PC1096
Hair: PC945, PC1080, PC940
Shirt/Shoes: PC925, PC924, PC923, PC922
Skirt: PC935, PC1074, PC1070, PC1068
Shoe Sole: PC935, PC1074, PC1070
Hoola Hoop: PC950, PC949

I hope you are having a fabulous day!

1 comment:

Shirley said...

OMG....I am so excited that you are using pencil in coloring. I have the prisma set so I can coloring with you. I could never afford the copics but now I can get some wonderful color match with you. Thank you so much.