Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tutorial Thursday - Dolly

This week's online tutorial features the

Hope you enjoy the tutorial .
Head over to the store and grab a kit and color along with me.

If you have a question leave a comment on YouTube and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for stopping by.
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Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

She is sooooo adorable, Heather!!! I really love the colors you choose for your images!!!
I very much appreciate all the work you put in to making your video tutorials!! Thank you so much!

Banti said...

I worked on her today! She is so cute. Thanks for the kit I received yesterday. I was wondering how I can make my flicks a little thinner. I see I can buy super thin nibs. Is that what you use? I have trouble keeping the ink where I want it (the pony-tails). I think you mentioned you use special nibs for fine work in another youtube.

Heather Huggins said...

I use just the very tip of my marker and hold the pen more straight up and down to get the thin line.Other then that it's just practice. I haven't changed the nibs on my pens they are the ones that came on the pens.