Friday, October 3, 2014

Trying Something New...

I was on Facebook yesterday and Sassy Cheryl had posted a cute snowman she had colored with her Inktenese pencils.
So I had to leave a comment saying how great it looked and how mine never turned out looking like that when I tried my Inktense pencils.
So she gave me a tip.
Grab the color off the pencil with your wet brush.
So I decided to give a try.

I also diluted the color with some water on a piece of plastic for the first layer.

I think the best part for me was that I did the outline last and didn't have to worry about the color bleeding. 
Once it's dry it's dry.

It turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.. :O)

Skin: Mid Vermilion, Red Oxide
Cheeks/Kangaroo Inside Ears/Boot Buttons: Scarlet Pink
Hair: Willow, Modder Brown
Pants: Dark Aquamarine, Charcoal Grey
Shirt: Dark Aquamarine
Boots: Dark Chocolate, Bark
Kangaroo: Tan, Mustard, Baked Earth
Grass: Spring Green
Outline: Iris Blue

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Marie said...

Oh it looks great...I may have to get some!