Friday, May 9, 2014

Coloring Attempts...

I'm hard at work coloring this month's card kits.
I picked this cutie first.
Tobie & His Puppy

Just wanted to share that I don't always get it the way I would like the first time around.

Attempt #1.
First off I'm using a darker/new color combo for this guy then I usually use.
Decided I used the darker color a little to far in on this attempt
and wanted the nose shadow to go the opposite direction.
Start over...

Attempt #2
Happy with the skin tone.
Not happy with the hair side burns or the dog.
I couldn't get the dogs nose right.
Start over...

Attempt #3
Yep this is the one.
Still not sure about the dogs nose, but going to go with it.

Now to whip up the card and make up kits.
Keep a look out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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