Monday, December 2, 2013

30 Days of Thankful - Days 23-30...

I've decide to start a photo blog...
Where I can post all my pictures and some digital stuff.
I really want to do a Project Life album next year.
So I can post all of those pictures there too.

If you are interested in that you can find it 
I also put a link on the right side bar under "My Picture Blog"
Then you can visit often.
I'd love for you to visit.

Babysitting help is much appreciated!
Even Grammy needs a break every so often.

Getting you two together is a LOT of work,
but makes for a special day.
The pictures are worth it!

This makes me feel awesome!

More waiting for the next movie..

So proud..


Dessert... Yes I still fit in those skinny jeans.. :O)

Keeping me on track.

Cover Page.

Closing Thoughts..

I made it though all 30 days and have the album completed.
I feel so proud to have accomplished something.
Here lately it doesn't feel like I get anything done.

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