Thursday, October 10, 2013

Angel Policy....


It was brought to my attention that people are copying colored images (not just mine)
and using them for there own projects.
I have the close ups posted on the blog for personal information.
So you can zoom in and see the details and practice your own coloring.
You can even print them out and have a note book for your own personal reference.
They are not so you can print them out and use them on your own projects and claim as your own.

It is against many companies angel policies.
Here's an example:
You are not permitted to redistribute (including copying, lending, duplicating, sharing, swapping, reselling or putting online -- except for as elements in a digital scrapbook or as demonstration photos of your finished projects) any of my illustrations.

Companies make money to live by selling there products.
If they are posted for free all over the internet they can not make money for there families.
And soon they will not be in business.

So to be safe (I don't want to break any policies) I have added a new 
Made By: Heather Huggins Water Mark on the top of the images.
This makes me very sad that I have to do this.
I like being able to zoom in and see without the distraction.
It' a shame that a few can ruin it for all.
But this is what has to be done, so from here on out that's what I will do.

Sorry for the downer post today.
I just wanted everyone to know why I had to put a water mark on my images.

Have a wonderful day.

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