Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snap Album Part 5...

Just to show how I'm still trying to stay caught up on current photo's
here are Natalie's Snap Album pages.
So far so good.

I again used the calendar card to show these are pictures I took in September.
I also put the date on each picture.
The you = Love is a digital brush. 

It's hot out and we stopped at the market for pop before going to the park.
I bought Natalie her first push up pop.
She was amazed we just handed it to her.
It ended up getting every where.
But she liked it.

Pictures at the park.
I love the slide one the most.
I was the one catching her at the bottom 
and had to be quick about taking her picture.
She never fell off.

I'm balancing a block on my head to get Natalie to look at me to take her picture,
so she's trying to figure out how to get one to stay on her head too.

The princess jeep is a big hit.
We already decided we need another one.
Maybe there will be less fighting.
Probably not.
Saying Hi to Grampy when he comes home from work is always popular.
One can't sit on his lap with out the other one.

Thanks for looking and the wonderful comments!
I hope you are having a fabulous day!

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