Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Color Combo - Copic Markers...

Copic Color Combo

I think this is my most used Blue Green Copic Color Combo.
I tend to use it a lot.

BG78, BG75 & BG72

What's your favorite?

If your coloring along with me you can grab this cute Krista Smith image HERE.
Krista had it as a freebie for Breast Cancer Awareness.
I erased the logo before printing so I wouldn't have to worry about coloring over it.

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Have a great day...

To Julie L: I need more information on what you are wanting to erase.
Could you email me, you don't have a contact listed on your profile.

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Julie L said...

How about a tute on hw to erase the logo? I would love to do swatches with you. Thanks for your great videos. I have learned so much from you!