Friday, April 5, 2013

Skin Tone's - ShinHan Markers...

ShinHan Marker Skin Tone Swatch

I'm branching out with my ShinHan Marker skin tones.
To me this seems a little dark, but what do I know..
But pretty good.
I need to come up with a great cheek and lip color too.

BR92, BR95, BR97 & BR107

The image is by Saturated Canary and is called Cali Girl
she can be found HERE.

You can download a blank swatch page on the left if you would like to follow along.
You'll have to add your own digital images though.

I hope your having a wonderful day.


Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

This is a great skin tone color!!! You did fantastic choosing a darker skin tone!!!
I LIKE it!!!!!

tea time and roses said...

I think it is lovely! Pretty without the red undertones that not all dark skin tones have. Wonderful job!


Tracey Jean said...

I love this skin tone. I've been trying to get darker skin with my Touch Twins, so I really appreciate the colour combos you've been sharing here...