Monday, March 4, 2013

Distress Ink Palette....

So with the addition of the 12 Limited Edition Distress Inks from Ranger I had to revamp my ink palette.
I wanted all the matching colors to be together.
I still need to add 3 were they go.
But that means taking it all apart, printing and refilling....I haven't gotten that far...
But you get the idea.

I have made up a printable list of the names that can be downloaded on the left under "Helpful Links".
I printed it out on card stock then used my 1" circle punch to punch out each name.
They are in the order I would arrange them in my ink pallets.
With the browns and black being in the second ink palette.

Oh I forgot about the Mixed colors...
I actually need to move my Tattered Rose & Tea Dye MIX next to the Tattered Rose.
I might even move them to the Brown & Black Pallette.
I'll do that when I redo it.
Of course I forgot about in until I had all the names on the sheet...
So it's the last name.

After I punch out each name I swiped it across the ink pad so I could see the actual color.
I'm a visual person.
If you don't have the ink pad you could carefully brush on a bit of reinker.
I would try it out on a scratch piece of card stock first so you know how much is too much on the brush.

I put a dab of tape runner on the back of each one and attached them to the lid.
They are in the exact place that the ink's are in on the other side. 
In the future I can tear them off and rearrange as more inks come out.
I'm sure there will be more some day.
Yes I would have to print out new names.
I don't think they would survive the ripping off.. :O)

Hope this helps....
Thanks for stopping by.

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Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

You are so organized Heather!!! I love it!!! And I appreciate the inspiration to organize the colors (inks, markers, etc.).
Thank you also for the printable list!!