Friday, February 15, 2013

Color Combo's - ShinHan Markers...

ShinHan Markers Color Swatch

A nice pastel yellow green color combo for today.
ShinHan Markers

GY175, GY174 & GY173

I really like this one..
How about you?

The image is by Sassy Cheryl.
It's called Button Flowers

So you may have noticed I changed the look of my swatch.
I've decide to put all my swatches in a Sn@p Album.
That way I can move them around and keep it better organized.
I'm starting with the ShinHan swatch since I don't have a bunch.
But I will be converting all the Copic swatches too.

They swatches fit perfectly in the 3x4 pockets.
I had to trim off about a 1/4" on the ends.

The album comes with 3 chipboard dividers.
But they just started selling more you can buy.
Yes I ordered some for the store.

I have made up a couple of blank sheets.
You can download them on the side bar.
The sheets have the boxes and lines.
You have to add your own digital images.
One sheet has 8 swatches like the ones above
and the other one has 4 so you can stamp your own image.

** I fixed the download link.. Sorry!

I'll show an example after I've made one up to add to my book.
These will fit in the 4x6 pockets.

Have a great day!


Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

I like these green combos as they remind me of the Springtime, especially helpful in this gloomy part of Winter...
You have a great idea for the ShinHan swatch book..I really like it!! I like the image you are using for the ShinHan hair colors...
Thank you for the downloadable pages...that is very helpful!!!! :-)

MariaR said...

Hi, I'm not able to download the blank swatches, it's telling me I don't have access. Do I need to purchase them? Thanks