Thursday, September 13, 2012

Color Combo's - Violet...

Since I'll be using some purple papers on the Halloween kits I'm making up.
I thought I would do a couple more Violet Color Combo's this week.
First up we have
These are more of a grayish purple.

Next we have
These are more in the pink purple tones.

Both of these are wonderful color combo's.
But you would want to make sure your paper matched.

If your coloring along with me you can grab this cute Krista Smith image HERE.
Krista had it as a freebie for Breast Cancer Awareness.
I erased the logo before printing so I wouldn't have to worry about coloring over it.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day!


Mojca said...

Gorgeous coloring. Hugs! Mojca

Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

More great color combos Heather. The top one would have to be my favorite out of the 2 of them. The bottom one is a very pretty mauvy color! I still like them both!! :-)

Denise Goeldner said...

Love this color combo thanks for sharing Heather xxx Hugs Denise

melrae said...

I love the first one for violet but would use the second one for a mauve look. I was going to make a road trip to come stay in your city for a week or more so I could take some of your classes. But then I realized you live in Oregon and I live in Virginia. So when ever you decide to do classes online please do let me know. I think your talent is awesome.

melrae said...

I love the first one, pretty violet colors, and the second one is pretty mauve colors. But your work is so good it's hard to choose a favorite.