Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Color Combo's - Yellow Red...

Since Halloween images are coming our way how about a couple more Yellow Red combo's.
This top one is my favorite of the two.
YR14, YR16 & YR12

Although this one looks like a more fall pumpkin color.
YR23, YR21 & YR20

Which one is your favorite?
Stay tuned for more color combo's.

If your coloring along with me you can grab this cute Krista Smith image HERE.
Krista had it as a freebie for Breast Cancer Awareness.
I erased the logo before printing so I wouldn't have to worry about coloring over it.

1 comment:

Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

They are both great Yellow-Red combos for Fall... I think My favorite would have to be the first one. I can see that color being combined with a fun purple/green/black Halloween combo.
These Color Combos that you do are really helpful and FUN!!! Thank you for doing them!!