Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Color Combo's 10 + 2...

How about another 10 + 2 Color Combo.

This week I used Earth colors.

I picked my lightest color first
Lightest Color: E30
then for my medium color I added 10 + 2 so
E30 +10 = E40 + 2 = E42
Medium Color: E42
then for my darkest color I added 10 + 2 so
E42 + 10 = E52 + 2 = E54
But wait there is no E54?
So... I went to the next color.
Darkest Color: E55

I hope your following along and making some of your own color combo's to add to your swatch ring.
If you made one your really like share it with me I'd love to try it out too.

The image used is a digital image from Mo's Digital Pencil.
She can be found HERE.

I hope your all having a safe and fun 4th of July!

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