Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Color Combo's - Blues...

I thought we could try some different color combo's.
Maybe some you've never tried.
I'm adding mine to my swatch ring.
The cute image is by Krista Smith over at Saturated Canary.
She gave it away as a freebie for Breast Cancer Awareness a while back.
I didn't see it in her store, but you might find it on her blog. (?)
** I found it HERE
It came with the Breast Cancer symbol on the front of the shirt.
I erased it before I printed it out.
I didn't want to cover it up, but I liked the open area of the shirt for my practicing.

I did a quick coloring on each page.
I didn't spend any time fussing with it or blending a lot.
I just wanted to see what the colors looks like together.

My first combo is B01, B00 & B0000
Nice light color I can see me using again.

This combo is B97, B45 & B41
Way darker.
Not sure if I like it, but if I fiddled with it some more it could grow on me.

If your coloring along with me you can grab this cute Krista Smith image HERE.
Krista had it as a freebie for Breast Cancer Awareness.
I erased the logo before printing so I wouldn't have to worry about coloring over it.

I have some more to color and some more colored up so stay tuned for more Color Combo's.

Thanks for stopping by.

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