Thursday, June 21, 2012

Color Combo's 10 + 2...

How about another 10 + 2 Color Combo.

This week I used Yellow Red

I picked my lightest color first
Lightest Color: YR00
then for my medium color I added 10 + 2 so
YR00 +10 = YR10 + 2 = YR12
Medium Color: YR12
then for my darkest color I added 10 + 2 so
YR12 + 10 = YR22 + 2 = YR24
Darkest Color: YR24

I know there is no YR10 or YR22 but since there was YR12 & YR24
I used the combo's anyways.
I'm sure someday Copic will add these colors.

The image used is a digital image from Mo's Digital Pencil.
She can be found HERE.

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