Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clear Stamp Issues...

                     I can't be the only one who forgets:

Ok so I was stamping with some clear stamps the other day and ran into an issue.
I stamped it out and good golly it didn't stamp right at all.
It kind of looked like the stamp pad maybe low on ink.
So I re-inked the stamp pad, let it set for a while and tried again.
Nope that didn't fix it.
What to do?
Is it defective? 
Why isn't it stamping right?

Well after throwing a fit, stamping it a bunch of times and considering sending it back.

I remembered that clear stamps have a residue on them that needs cleaned off.
Silly me.
You can use a pink eraser on the entire stamp, then clean it like you normally would
(make sure and stamp it again on scratch paper to try it out)
my cheating way.
I ink it up with Stazon Ink, stamp it out until it stamps perfect (4-5 times).
Then clean it with Stazon Cleaner.
I don't know what the Stazon does, maybe dirty it up.
But it always works after my cleaning procedure.

Good luck with your clear stamps.
I thought I would share since I have quite a few in the color box.
Make sure and always try the stamps out on scratch paper before stamping on your image piece.
Especially clear stamps.


Candy said...

Thanks for the tip!

Lorena said...

Good post! I use the Staz On trick too, even for rubber stamps. I think that it seals in the pours a little ... maybe I'm dreaming, but it works, so keep rolling with it!


P.S. Love your blog!

Wendy said...

I just bought some new clear stamps and they would not stamp I did what you suggested now it works fine it took to cleans with the stazon and a few practice stamping I would have wasted lots of water colour paper if I hadn't read this so thank you Hun xx
Hugs Wendy