Friday, February 3, 2012

What's the Difference?

What's the difference between Copic & ShinHan Markers? 

Copics are $7 each, ShinHan are $4.30 each. 
They are both alcohol inks. 
I find the ShinHan markers are drier when coloring. But not in a bad way. 
With both you have to practice.
Copic has 358 colors. Shin Han has 168. Both are adding new colors.
Both are refillable
Both have replaceable nibs.
They can be used together.
The colors aren't so similar that you couldn't use both together.
I think that's what I like best is I can use them both together and fill in colors where needed with each.

Besides the price if your just starting to collect.
I suggest at least 24 markers to really get you started.
Copic: $168 
ShinHan: $103.20

How about 12 markers.
Copic: $84
ShinHan: $51.60
If your on a budget that's a big difference.

I'm going to sit down and make a combined chart so I can use them together all the time.
I'll post it as soon as I'm done so you can download it too.

I love my Copic's, but I also love my new ShinHan's. 
I can admit it I'm a color collector!
If it's something new and fun I want to have it.
Same with gadgets!
I have distress inks, water colors, crayons, pencils, copics, shinhans, spectrum noir (just ordered to try), distress markers (also just ordered), zig glitter pens, twinkling H2O's... The list could go on.
I don't love one more then the other. I just like options. 

When I sit down to color it's my relaxing time.
Some times an image will just say to me I want to be water colored, or hey grab your Copic's.
Or good golly why haven't you used your Prisma pencils lately.
No add some sparkle, get out the twinklingH2O's.

To me having 526 markers choices is the best ever!
With Spectrum Noir it'll be 694 choices. 
For me that is heaven on earth.
I'd never be happy with the 8 or 16 box of crayons.
I'd have to have the biggest set available.
But that's me..

Have a fabulous day!

P.S. Yes I find the colors to be more vibrant with the ShinHan markers.
I tried to pick similar colors for both color jobs below.

This one I used ShinHan markers to color.

This one I used Copic's to color.


mikki said...

I agree with you 100%- I hate it when I see a project and dont have what I need to complete!
My daughter refers to the Copics as the "$5 markers" I'd be curious to see what you think of
the spectrum noir-still havnt gotten used to the fine point and color doesnt go on like
Copics but I did order some more!I think the Shin Han markers are available @ my local Blicks-Ill have to give 'em a try.

Kim Davis said...

Thanks Heather!.......mystery solved. I was wondering...from your samples, the Shin Han markers looked like they were more vibrant, or purer in hue. Was that just the colors you picked or do you find that to be true?