Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alternate Coloring..

For today's Alternate coloring I used ShinHan Markers
I think I did a pretty good job of matching colors.
You can click on the picture to zoom in.

Elephant: CG1, CG0.5, 0
Inner Ear: R139
Front Dress/Purse: YR33, Y34, Y35
Socks: PB75, P145 Alternate Stripe: CG0.5, 0
Back Dress/Shoe: B68, BG179, BG178
Flower Stem/ Purse Bow: G46
Flower Center's: Y35
Front Shoes/Bows/Purse Handle: R3, R10, R12
Shoe Soles: WG1, WG0.5
Bear: YR132, YR142
Dragonfly Body: BR92
Ground: WG2, WG1, WG0.5

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