Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Packaging Poll....

I have a question for you today. 
I'm going to be making up some album kits. 
How would you like them to be packaged if you where going to be buying one?
  1. Chip Board Pieces and Pattern Paper Pieces cut out for you ready to be glued to chip board. 
  2. Only Chip Board Pieces cut out along with accessory pieces (example snowman, hat, scarf & tree) Pattern Paper included for you to cut out. (You could choose which paper you wanted on each page)
  3. Everything cut out and ready to be put together exactly like the example. You could add embellishments from your stash (buttons, ribbon, brads, ect.)

I'm currently working on this cute snowman album. I added some picture mats and a couple of tags to journal on.  I'm thinking maybe I should cut out all the chipboard pieces and snowmen and their accessories then just include in the kit pattern paper and card stock so everyone could make it there own. That way you could decide which paper you want on the front and all the pages. What size pictures you want to have or more journaling spaces. 

What do you think? 
Leave me a comment telling me what you would want.

I think it still needs something.. 
What is it?

Thanks for stopping by.
See you next time!


Marie said...

Oh Heather! That came out really cute!! I would vote for #2 as it still leaves room for personal creativeness (ooh a new word)!

Have a great night,

Marie said...

Very Cute!!! I'd vote for #2 as it allows for some personalization. That album came out adorable!

Have a great night!