Monday, December 5, 2011

Water Coloring 101 Part 4....

We've covered paper, brushes and what ink to stamp your image with in Water Coloring Part 1, 2 and 3. Today we'll cover what kind of ink to color with.

My personal favorite is Ranger Distress Ink re-inkers. You can also use the ink pads, but I like the concentration of ink I get with the re-inkers and I can mix them together easier. And you can layer the ink on top of itself and get great shading.
You can also use Memento Dew Drop Ink Pads. I tried the re-inkers and didn't like those at all. The ink pads give a soft subtle look.

Water color crayons or pencils. These are great for a soft gentle look. They are easy to use and quick. You can apply the color directly from the crayon/pencil to the paper or wipe your water brush on the crayon/pencil and apply it to the paper that way. Fun for adults, but great for kids with out the mess!

Water Color Paints. I haven't personally tried these. I'm sure I will some day, just haven't had a chance yet.

These are just a few. I'm sure there are tones more out there. You just have to look around and give some a try. You'll never know which one you like until you try a couple or which ones you hate. You don't have to spend a fortune pick up a bottle of re-inker, one dew drop, or what ever and take it home and see what you think. Or walk into your crafting area and see what you already have available. It doesn't hurt to try something  that's the only way to find out.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you next week for more on Water Coloring. Have a question leave me comment.

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