Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twinkling H2o's

Twinkling H2o's are little pots of shimmering water color paint. We currently have 41 colors available in the store. I tried to pick colors that could be switch with Ranger Distress Inks for a fun new coloring medium. They are not an exact match, but close.

To use your Twinkling H2o's use your mini mister to spray a bit of water on top of the dry paint. Let sit a couple of minutes and then use your tank water brush or other paint brush to grab a small bit of color and then paint. Or they can be blended and mixed on a plate or palette and then used.

The colors are highly pigmented giving you strong vibrate colors. These can be blended with water for lighter shades. LuminArte has developed a color that is ideal for blending, it's called "Oyster" and will lighten the color while still keeping the distinctive shimmer.

Twinkling H20's can be applied using paint brushes - or can also be applied direct to the rubber stamp and stamped on to paper or card stock.

Clean up is simple! After use it is just a case of rinsing paintbrushes and other equipment well in water. Since the colors are highly pigmented staining of paintbrushes can occur, however this is not a problem in normal use. Allow paint pots to dry before reapplying the lids.

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