Monday, December 26, 2011

Copic Coloring 101 Part 2...

Are you ready for Copic Coloring 101 part 2?
How did you like part 1?

Understanding the Copic Color System. These markers blend beautifully, but you need to be able to pick colors that work well together. So they will blend more easily. The numbers and letters on the markers represent the Copic Color System.

What dies the letter stand for? The letter, or letters represents the color family.
For example: 
  • BV - Blue Violet
  • V - Violet
  • RV - Red Violet
  • R - Red
  • YR - Yellow Red
  • Y - Yellow
  • YG - Yellow Green
  • G - Green
  • BG - Blue Green
  • B - Blue
  • E - Earth
  • C - Cool Gray
  • N - Neutral Gray
  • T - Toner Gray
  • W- Warm Gray
  • F - Fluorescent

What about the first number? This is the color saturation. Lower numbers indicate colors that are more pure and vibrant. Higher numbers indicate colors that are less saturated and toned down.

What about the second number? This is the color shade. Lower numbers indicate lighter shades and higher numbers indicate darker shades.

Use the following rules to pick colors that naturally work together and blend well. 
  • First match the color letter(s). Keeping the color family the same. 
  • Second match the first number keeping the tone the same. So let say  R24, R27 & R29 would blend well, but R05 & R35 would take a lot more work to blend. The 0 & 3 are a huge difference.
  • Third pick your color brightness. Using the second numbers. Keeping to with in 2 or 3 digits from each other. Example: V91, V93 & V95. The numbers 1, 3 & 5 are only 2 digits away from the next number.
That's it for this week's Copic Coloring 101. I hope you'll join me next week for part 3.

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