Monday, November 28, 2011

Water Coloring 101 Part 3....

So You've decide to take up water coloring. What do I need? The last two posts Water Coloring 101 Part 1 covered paper choices and Water Coloring 101 Part 2 covered paint brushes. This week we'll cover what to stamp your image with...

I've got my paper and a brush now what do I stamp my image with? You need a water proof ink. Your going to be getting it very wet. Stazon is an excellent choice. It's water proof and can be stamped on multiple surfaces for other uses. I don't like the smell, but that's just me.
My preferred ink is.. Ranger Archival Ink: Jet Black. I like the Jumbo size of the ink pad itself. It's perfect for those over sized stamps. I've stamped a tone of images and this works for me every time.

What about digital images?
You can print those images out using your Laser Printer. It has to be a Laser Printer. I've tried this a few times and it works. My personal laser printer just doesn't print my images out as crisp as if I stamp them myself. But it is workable. I bought a cheap one to print out all the instruction  sheets I print out. So maybe a better quality one would print a better quality image. I'm not sure.

Again it's in personal choice. You'll find an ink you love and that will be the one you always pick up.

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