Monday, November 21, 2011

Water Coloring 101 Part 2....

So you've decided to take up water coloring. What do I need? Last week's post  Water Coloring 101 Part 1 covered water color paper. This week we'll cover brushes..

Any paint brush will do. You want them to have a small tip. Depending on what your coloring. For regular paint brushes I try and keep the number below 3. There are lots of different brands to choose from. Grab a couple and give them a try. But my personal favorite is the Zig Tank Water Brushes in Medium and Detail tip. I like these because they have the water in them for me. No little cup of water to carry around. Just grab the brushes and I'm ready to paint any where. You control how much water your using by how much water you squeeze into the reservoir.

Go out to your local supply store and grab a few and give them a try. You won't know which is your favorite until you try some. Use what feels right for you.

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