Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tim Holtz Ink Palette...

I've been waiting for these to arrive. Tim Holtz Ink Palette. I love my color chart, but this I can close and don't have to worry about dust getting into my inks. This will be great for taking to classes too. No more wasted ink. Click the picture to go get you one!

Here's the front of mine. I've added a label sticker. Cause I can already see me using this for other inks.

Here's mine all filled up with the color chart I made. So I know what ink is in which spot. Most of them you can tell what they are just by looking.

I've added a link to my color chart on the left under helpful links if you'd like to print out your own. I printed mine on sticky paper. Then I found a small bee stamp and stamped it in each of the ink spots in the color specified.

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Jen's Crafty Place said...

Heather, did you happen to keep your printed lable for the inside of your ink pallet? I was wondering if you would send me a copy. I would like to make one of these also.